Rickie Jacobs Pays Homage To Allen Iverson In Reebok’s #HeresYourAnswer Campaign

05.21.13 5 years ago 3 Comments

Soon cometh, Reebok Classics will be re-releasing Allen Iverson’s Answer 1 sneaker, the shoe Bubba Chuck wore during his second season, and tapped Rickie Jacobs to lace an acapella backdrop for part one its #HeresYourAnswer initiative. Perhaps paying homage to the playground-style game of A.I.’s, the clip’s director Samuel Rodgers travels to Harlem’s historic Rucker Park to bring his black-and-white vision to life.

Where there’s a positive in young Rickie’s endorsement opportunity and the A1’s seeing the light of day in 2013, also comes the doleful truth if what was revealed in this Washington Post article last month was accurate. It’s a damn shame Allen won’t see much, if any, of his Reebok money for another 17 years.

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