Coming Attractions: Reebok Question Mid ‘White Noise’

04.30.14 4 years ago 6 Comments

More pastels this season for AI. As a tribute to playing through distractions his entire career, Iverson’s Reebok Question ‘White Noise’ puts a bunch of loud shit on a shoe with a white backdrop.

I grasp the reference, but seeing the colors I’m thinking it’s just another Easter-inspired pair of kicks. Or rainbow sherbet. One of those two but it definitely could’ve or should’ve been included with the original pack. The good news is that the multitude of colors make these wearable with just about any other color since trying to find matching clothes would be a huge mistake though.

Suede toecaps always look good on the Questions and the ‘White Noise’ pair is no exception. Keeping the colors to the midsole while maintaining the rest of the upper mostly white is a good move. If a shoe company goes bright, I’d prefer a tonal shoe or the colors used as accents. All personal preference though. While these Questions aren’t necessarily a hit nor a miss, I’m not mad at the release. What would have made more sense is a black and white shoe with pixels on the midsole though.

The Reebok Question Mid ‘White Noise’ release May 23rd for $140. All of these Iverson releases have me waiting for a ‘PRACTICE’ pair now. Make it happen and give me proper credit Reebok, please and thank you.

Reebok Question White Noise 2

Reebok Question White Noise 3

Reebok Question White Noise 4

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