Respect The Tech: Gadgets We Love This Week #13

04.04.14 4 years ago 7 Comments

Gadgets Of The Week

Another month. And guess what, technology moves fast. Spring is on the horizon so take a gander at these gadgets that caught our eye.

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1. Amazon Fire TV

Amazon is trying its hand in Apple pockets again, by releasing their long awaited streaming box. The Fire TV, not to be confused with FyreTV, also have their eyes on cutting into Xbox and Ruko’s profits with it cable-esque capabilities. Then you can add in a controller with console capable games. All for $99.

Buy: Amazon

2. myIDkey Password Storage

Don’t worry about remembering passwords anymore. This crazy contraption stores all your precious passwords and you can pull them easily with a simple swipe of your finger.

Buy: Myidkey

MyIDkey Official Video from myIDkey on Vimeo.

3. Pono Music Player

If this was 2004, Steve Jobs would be shitting his pants. The success of the iconic iPod would have been nullified by this Neil Young-backed powerhouse MP3 player. The PonoPlayer packs 128GB memory, both headphone jack and auxiliary output, ridiculous audio resolutions for FLAC playback, and an interesting design.

Info: Kickstarter

4. Ring by Logbar Inc.

As if having a watch wasn’t enough control, California-based Logbar Inc. wants to give you a new way of control with their high tech ring. This ring demands gestures from its wearer that you can control functions on your smartphone, and even compose text with the wave of a finger.

Pre-order: Kickstarter

5. Cefaly Headset

Migraines are an infamous stigma that plagues over 10% of the world. There are many remedies, most not working at all or without side affects, like addiction. A Belgian company, Cefaly Technology, created a headband that supposedly minimizes the severity of migraines. This tech has been out for a while in Europe, and recently got approved by the FDA, which is a huge step in the right direction. Now all you need is a doctor’s prescription, and your migraines are on their way out the door.

Buy: Cefaly

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