“Gangsta” – Review Of Hell Rell’s Hard As Hell

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Note: Pause @ The Title

Neither praise nor criticism seems to faze Hell Rell. While the Dipset founders “work out” their creative differences, he’s back in the trenches, grinding and continuing his rap career unrelentlessly. Making the most of his limited resources like Indians to buffalo, Ruger keeps the bullets flying on his 2nd release of 2009, Hard As Hell.

Unsurprisingly, Hard As Hell is merely a street life sandwich rolled up in between two slices of coke tales with a side of gun talk. Still, a pro is a pro and Ruger Rell has endless rhymes dedicated to the occult. The macabre harmonies of producer Cozmo’s sound beds incites malice on “Take ‘Em To Church” which features Rell ushering his enemies to Sunday Morning Mass without the choir and preacher and its cousin “In These Streets,” whose coldblooded lyrics “They ready to kick your grandmomma’ crib in/You lucky niggas respect that old lady/But shittttt…niggas gonna kill her grandbaby” have Ruger’s trademark branded all in it.

Obviously deficient of a major label backing, Hard As Hell’s beat budget and consequently the conceptual aspect take a hit periodically. Monotonous material such as “Speaking For The Money” and the failed commercial ploy of “Luv Me” probably wouldn’t have worked even with a big name R&B singer. Rell’s speciality is wooing bodybags, not beautiful women.

The general consensus tends to be if you’ve heard one Hell Rell album, you’ve heard. More or less yes, but Harder Than Hell still holds distinction with a song like “Rise To Tha Top” serving as one of the more introspective moments of career. Until he aligns with a big dog, you can expect Ruger to keep firing out his ammo faster than you can say STUPID!

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