“I Really Know How It Feels To Be Stressed Out…”

05.17.12 6 years ago 15 Comments

Beware’s exceptional piece chronicling a sample of his favorite motivational songs was actually the motivation for penning this. That and the new Killer Mike album.

A Tribe Called Quest, Faith Evans and Raphael Saadiq’s “Stressed Out” has always been a record worth revisiting when musical therapy was needed. For a variety of reasons you probably don’t and shouldn’t care about, I’ll refrain from talking your heads clean off about why the second single from Beats, Rhymes & Life is being highlighted. Prioritizing things and deciding “what’s next” has all but defined my life recently.

ATCQ’s soul bearing cut ironically reintroduced itself last week while performing open heart surgery on my resume. The song’s message meshed seamlessly with my own psyche, creating an escape to what’s best described as a parallel universe. I sat back, listened, ran it back, ran it back again, took a deep breath and carried on about my proceedings. My stresses weren’t eliminated, yet witnessing a song basically become yourself (only in musical form) is nothing less than an out-of-body experience.

Despite what’s otherwise projected, a lot more is happening in life for yours truly aside from watching LeBron chase a ring. If anything, The King’s quest for title No. 1 presents a welcomed distraction. What isn’t is the pressure, much of which comes from a personal gauntlet. Self-doubt – which even a person in the vein of Jay Z admitted to struggling with – is crippling.

Everything, however, an example of give and take. If God granted the gift of seeing the future, I’d probably drive myself crazy. Then again, not being able to does, too. Meanwhile, not knowing what the future presents offers the same spread. If life was meant to be easy to live, then what’d be the point in looking forward to heaven? Perhaps that’s why songs like “Stressed Out” were placed in our lives to begin with.

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