Ric Flair Got Incredibly Turnt Up This Weekend And It Was Glorious

08.21.13 5 years ago 11 Comments

Summerslam is a huge event in Los Angeles as it’s the WWE’s second biggest annual event and a celebration of the company’s successes. As part of the weekend festivities, the company had a major focus on the WWE 2K14 game coming out in the Fall — complete with a panel full of legends discussing their favorite WrestleMania moments.

The panel featured Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Paul Heyman, Mick Foley and the Nature Boy himself.

And Ric Flair was on one. At one point, moderator Jim Ross even said the event was sponsored by Grey Goose…which should tell you how crazy things were getting. But here are the highlights:

— Flair makes fun of Daniel Bryan for being soft…”imagine what Harley Race would think if he saw you”

— Talks about getting John Cena hammered

— Mentions TNA Wrestling

— Notes how everyone but him in his WrestleMania 8 match is dead

And that’s just the half of his war path. Apparently, after the panel, Stephanie McMahon had to apologize to the audience and Flair may have cost himself a long-term gig at WWE too. I’m not sure how Flair feels, but I for one think it was totally worth it.

My take? He’s just a guy who loves the business and loves talking shop. So got a little too hype and went off-topic a bit too much. And while I can see how WWE is upset, the audience was entertained and that’s really all that matters.

If only HHH could understand that premise.

Update: Original YouTube video and the associated account got deleted so here’s take two. Skip through a bit to find the beginning of Flair’s ending.

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