The World According To Julie J: She’s Goin’ Crazy

08.09.14 4 years ago


Rich The Kid Ft. Migos – “Goin Crazy” (Prod. By KE)

“I like this one, KE,” Rich the Kid says at the beginning. Me too!!

All in all, it’s been a pretty quiet week in my little world. Joey Fatts’ Chipper Jones Vol. 3 is sounding good (get it here), so far, and Southside also dropped another tape last night, but Young Extravagant N*gga is basically the same as Free Agent. There wasn’t even anything I could revisit with a late pass, either, as my iTunes directly resembled everything I’ve been writing about for six months here.

Rich the Kid and Migos’ “Goin Crazy” makes up for the lack of tapes, though.

KE On The Track’s beat is not sampling LoveRance’s “Up.” Instead, it was recreated. I don’t really know what that means, but boy oh boy do the chord progressions sound identical. Or maybe I’m the one taking Mugatu’s crazy pills.

Even though the beats sound the same, I’m not upset. I can’t hold it against any of the involved parties simply because I loved “Up” so much. Coincidentally, “Goin Crazy” is just as infectious. Plus, Rich and The Three Wise Migos boys rapping like they got somewhere to go after laying down their verses. No one is really expecting any of them to progress with their rapping, but there are the occasional songs that are starting to show us while they’ll stick around a lot longer than people thought.

They’re double dipping with “Goin Crazy,” as it will be on Rich The Kid’s Feels Good To Be Rich 2 out next week as well as their QC Label compilation Quality Over Quantity 2.

Curtis Williams – “Drugs” Video

Curtis Williams, of Two9 fame and very likely future solo fame, is all about the “Drugs.” It looks like his time on the Under The Influence Tour with Wiz Khalifa has rubbed off on him. Aside from whatever musical influences one could eek out, they’re also starting to resemble each other with the big hair full of secrets and excruciatingly tight skinny jeans over their Bambi legs. You say No to drugs, Curtis Williams can’t, apparently.

Cap 1 Ft. Flyboy Pat – “Boot Up”

Per usual, the Atlanta by way of Chicago emcee comes with energy and you can’t help but enjoy “Boot Up.” While I definitely don’t endorse anything having to do with “Boot Up,” it’s not as outwardly cringeworthy as, say, “UOENO.” I just recommend that you don’t listen too hard, especially if you’re one of those people who always have to have a controversy to invent and/or partake in.

Kolley – “RNS” Video

It gets annoying that every time I see Kolley’s name pop up I read that he’s from Bassfield, Mississippi, with a population of 235. I guess I’m perpetuating the cycle and making it worse by repeating that. When will people stop reminding us about that? After his next tape?

Anyway, “RNS” is the title track from his debut tape. Presumably, this is filmed in his hometown, with about half the town’s population showing up for the shoot. Mostly, I just wanted to mention his hometown info so I could write that preceding sentence.

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