Rick Ross Is Writing The Script For An Upcoming Gangster Movie

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12.16.15 9 Comments

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On the red carpet, waiting for his Oscar.

Rick Ross has always been known for talking up a good game when it comes to speaking on his past drug-dealing escapades. Beyond the grunts and drops, the MMG head has always made some… interesting word selections. Well, Ross may soon be taking his talents to Hollywood, as he has finished writing his first movie script. GABOS (Game Ain’t Based on Sympathy) takes its inspiration from the same well as most of Ross’ raps. He expounded¬†further to Rolling Stone:

I did a lot of recollections, and just a lot of stories I heard as a youngster coming up. As well as, I sprinkled a few of my experiences in it. I feel it’s going to be groundbreaking.

If you were worried that all those hood tales might be too much for one film, Ross agrees. He went on to say that watching Narcos inspired the decision to possibly break up the movie as a series after filming it. You know, after hearing so many raps about the same subject matter, you can practically picture the intro in your head:

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