Watch Rick Ross And Meek Mill Show Off Their Least Favorite Jewelry

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Rappers love showing off their jewelry, but this is ridiculous. In some recent posts on their respective social media feeds, Rick Ross and Meek Mill showed off highlights from a recent visit including glamour shots of their rings, chains, and… ankle bracelets?

Both artists are dealing with some legal issues of late. Meek received 90 days of house arrest and additional probation time for a violation of his parole on 2009 charges. Ross is fighting his own legal troubles, having just had his own house arrest end in November, and more recently being hit with several serious charges by a grand jury, including aggravated assault and kidnapping. So, the black boxes fitted around their ankles aren’t for fashion, but they are indicative of the tumultuous lives they live both in song and outside of the studio.

While Ross and Meek are both dealing with hindrances on their respective freedoms, they seem to be dealing with it as best they can. In a short video, Ross aimed the camera at both of their court-issued ankle monitors, and provided an inspirational quote: “Meek Milly…Renzel…God bless the hustlers and the soldiers. We gone be alright. Stay focused.” Going deeper into his Deepak Chopra bag, the husky rapper offered more philosophy as a caption on his Instagram feed a little later, writing, “If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.”

Ross has been promoting Self Made 4 quite a bit recently on social media, but who knows if it will include Meek or if it will be delayed, given that the courts have ordered the Philly rapper to not make anymore music during his house arrest.

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