Riff Raff’s Revenge: Rapper Gets Even With James Franco

04.12.13 5 years ago 5 Comments

In a bizarre twist of circumstances, stream of consciousness weirdo rapper Riff Raff has the chance to get some payback on James Franco. The source of the pair’s well-documented “beef” was Franco’s role in the off-kilter, Harmony Korine-directed film Spring Breakers. Franco ripped off Riff Raff’s look and persona wholesale for his starring role as a gangster named Alien.

Alien, was clearly the MacDowell’s to Riff-Raff’s golden arches in film, but Franco downplayed Riff-Raff as only one of the character’s many inspirations, and even gave more credit to an unknown Miami rapper named Dangeruss. Understandably upset, the Houston rapper now has the opportunity to exact some well-deserved revenge.

Riff-Raff will play an art dealer named “Jamie Franko” on an episode of the soap opera One Life To Live set to air on May 7. The only thing that could make this story better would be if Riff-Raff let his manicured beard grow out to an appropriately wispy, arthouse, scruff, lost the cornrows, and wore a tweed blazer with jeans and workboots.

If you’re gonna play the role, you may as well go full douchebag.

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