The Snippets For Rihanna And Drake’s New Song ‘Work’ Sound Promising

01.11.16 2 years ago 3 Comments
drake and rihanna


Good news, teenagers! Your dreams of an AubRih reunion are this close to becoming a reality as Drake and Rihanna are allegedly creating studio magic again. The former lovers and collaborators, who previously gave us the hits “What’s My Name” and “Take Care,” are said to be going for a three-peat with a new duet called, “Work.” Apparently, “Work” is a Rihanna joint and will be featured on her annoyingly long-awaited Anti album.

The snippets were posted on Twitter and feature Drake singing over an OVO sound, “You need to get done, done, done/Come over, we just need to slow the motion/Don’t give it away to no one.” Oh that Drake and his typical possessive lyrics.

Unofficial Rihanna fansites also note that a video is already in the works and shooting in LA. Twitter accounts have posted pictures and a clip from the set and what we can expect is a horse. I’m not sure what direction they’re going for, but adding the LV monogrammed horse is straddling the WTF line pretty hard. This video will either be epic or a tacky disaster. No middle ground.

Seeing as how everything Drake touches turns to gold, perhaps “Work” will be the hit single Rihanna needs to reignite interest for Anti.

(Via Twitter)

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