Is Robin Thicke’s “Get Her Back” Video His Saddest Plea For Forgiveness Yet?

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06.23.14 45 Comments

Robin Thicke - Get Her Back Video

Robin Thicke went there with “Get Her Back.” There being laying it all on the line regarding his f***-ups that probably led to Paula Patton packing his bags and leaving them at the door.

But Thicke’s been steadfast in his push to win his wife back, going so far as to name the album Paula. And to ramp things up yet another notch, he releases a new video for the single that features a woman who closely resembles Patton, a slightly bloodied and desperate looking Thicke as captions of what we can assume are examples of text messages sent between the couple.

Paula’s texts include messages like “you drink too much,” “you embarrassed me,””you ruined everything,” and “how could you do that to me,” maybe all in reference to his MTV performance with Miley and/or the butt-grabbing pics that emerged showing him and a random chick posing for a photo opp.

Although she’s been relatively mum, Patton did tell Vanity Fair in a recent interview there was and would always be a “deep love” between her and Thicke since they’ve been down since they were teenagers. There will be no part two for “4 The Rest Of My Life.” The sooner Thicke accepts it, the better off he’s likely to be.

Thicke’s text bubbles include the standard tricks we men will use to get back in the draws of the woman we love – “I hate myself,” “I wrote an album about you”…wait, that’s not standard. The last message displayed is one we assume comes from Thicke: “this is only the beginning.” He didn’t have to say it. We can clearly tell he’s got no chill in him when it comes to winning Patton back.

However, his fate’s been sealed if we are to believe these are examples of messages he’s heard and read from Patton. The most important one reads “I can’t make love to you anymore.”

Robin, no, we’ve never been married to a gorgeous woman like Patton, but we do know the territory you’re in here. The waters are deep, choppy and possibly ready to pull you completely under at any moment if your lady doesn’t save you. But, at this point, Paula’s pretty much given you the kiss of death by implying that you don’t make her loins burn anymore. Nothing will change their shared history from the past but there probably won’t be any future history since he no longer warms her hot pocket.

Right now, he’s moving from simpin’ territory to just plain sorry. Save some face and heartache by moving on, champ.

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