Guilt-Free Listening: Robin Thicke’s ‘Paula’ Album Stream

06.30.14 4 years ago 17 Comments


Tears. Unread iMessages. Unanswered phone calls. Copious amounts of dark liquor.

All four went into the making of Robin Thicke’s new album, Paula. Clocking in at 14 self-produced tracks with no features, it may be his last ditch effort to escape the doghouse Paula Patton has him submerged in.

Will it work? I have not the first clue, but four songs in it’s every bit of “baby, baby please” as one might expect (he actually says so on the opening track).* Strangely enough, however, the chain of events has been the best publicity Paula – the actress, not the album – has received in awhile, so who knows if this is all some sort of new-age marketing tactic.

Nevertheless, for those waiting to hear a grown man beg for forgiveness to the entire world, look no further. Alan’s baby boy provided the stream before officially dropping the project tomorrow.

* – “Time Of Your Life” has alcohol + insomnia written all over it.

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