Lil Wayne’s Resurgence Continues With His Appearance On Rocko’s “Good”

05.23.14 4 years ago 6 Comments


Anyone still knocking “D’usse?” Splendid. Me, too.

“Good” obviously isn’t landing on Tha Carter V off the strength it’s Rocko’s song. And right about now is where those easily offended by sexual innedudo and the word “p*ssy” should exit stage left because, well, it’s Wayne and it’s been a favorite past-time topic of his since Cita began allowing him to curse on records in the ’90s.

The difference, as opposed to Wayne of recent times, is that his verse invokes memories of yesteryear, misogynistic, but undoubtedly entertaining Wayne. Albeit perhaps not as proficient, but a stark reminder this is the same guy who made cunnilingus his calling card on the – no pun intended – in-your-face tribute, “P*ssy Monster.” Lyrically groundbreaking “Good” is not.

But it’s Memorial Day Weekend. You’re not looking for that anyway.

“I’m smokin’ on that good
She got that good-good and I’m a Goodfella
What more can you ask for? That’s a good question
Now why…crazy b*tches got the best p*ssy
That’s why I’m still f*ckin’ my ex-p*ssy…”

No one in rap popularized the art of oral sex on a woman quite like Tune. So with “Good,” in a sense, it’s more of a return to form public service announcement than anything else.

More importantly, however, kudos to the soul who currently serves as Lil Wayne’s weed man. C5 is captapuling to the apex of my unofficial “holy-shit-this-album-needs-to-drop-this-summer-so-I-can-get-the-full-experience-out-of-it” list.

As for Rocko, poor guy. He may never recover from the odessy that was his “UOENO (Remix)” series.

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