RZA Releases New EP, ‘Only One Place To Go’

05.15.14 4 years ago 3 Comments


They’ve made amends now but, while he was “on strike,” Raekwon had a lot of biting critiques regarding RZA’s current relationship with music. One of the main things that stuck was his assertion that Rza wasn’t “in the field no more” keeping up with who and what was hot.

RZA counters by quietly releasing Only One Place To Get It, a collaborative project with Dr Pepper’s “One of A Kind Studio Sessions.” The effort sees the The Abbot paired with four fresh faces – MMG’s Rockie Fresh, singer Tinashe, remix artist RAC and Robert Delonge – to create a short EP structured around his production. The sounds are moody as they are diverse and, if you can stand the annoying Dr Pepper soundbytes* worked in, it’s an easy project to wrap the ears around.

* — I will never complain about DJ drops again or Flex’s bombs after listening to the bubbling sound of a fountain drink being poured into a cup or a faceless somebody saying “ahhh, so good and refreshing” after drinking their soda.

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