Wu-Tang Clan Finally Reunited As One

05.12.14 4 years ago 12 Comments

rza raekwon

And like that, the Raekwon/RZA feud is dead.

Details are scant, but according to the Wu’s official website, the fight ended with enough time actually record music.

Sad to say that this entire saga has been discussed as much as the actual album, but it is what it is.

To recap, because hopefully we never have to talk about this again:

1. 2014 is set to be a flagship year for the Wu-Tang Clan, between the 20th anniversary of 36 Chambers and the release of not one, but two albums: A Better Tomorrow and the exclusive, expensive Once Upon A Time In Shaolin.

2. Back in mid-April, Raekwon went on record to say that he wasn’t on board with the RZA’s decisions of late, musically or otherwise. Paraphrasing here, but Chef’s thought process was: “the RZA kinda went Hollywood, is out of touch musically and isn’t somebody I want representing myself or the Wu-Tang brand. What we’ve heard from him recently sucks. We’re on different pages”

3. In multiple interviews spanning mid-April through early May, the RZA – in nature forlorn and regretful – says all the right things to welcome back Raekwon, acknowledging that this kind of thing happens in a group like the Clan. Still, the RZA ultimately gives Chef a deadline to comply, lest he wants the first Wu-Tang album in years continue with his bars.

4. Today (or, within the past couple of days, whenever): the two hug it out. Boom!

Cooler heads don’t always prevail, so we should just be thankful that, when it mattered most, two Hip-Hop legends found some sort of middle ground. Now let’s get to Tomorrow.


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