Sam Adams – “Driving Me Crazy” Video

04.15.10 8 years ago 27 Comments

I learned from Rasheed Wallace not to guarantee anything, but will guarantee every one of you this.

Sam Adams will be on Top 40 radio by 2011.

A lot of you will probably say I’m menstruating for promoting this type of ‘genre-exploiting’ artist, but Strawberry Pink Milkshake Pop-Tart as it is, “Driving Me Crazy” is actually a song I can say I f#cks with, maybe even support for a buck. Loco as it sounds, sometimes I dig a track simply because it sounds good, appealing to my mind for no apparent rhyme or reason. Depending on my mood and how played out my CD selection feels that particularly day, I can’t always “Pop The Trunk” or get down to “Familiar Faces.” And even “Tanqueray” tastes watered-down after a while.

That’s where Adams comes in. The rapper Asher Roth might’ve been had he not backed himself into a corner by taking the boom-bap route, this New England newcomer decided to go straight for the charts with his open tab of brand label boisterousness, which most heads will ostracize with liquid swords and broken – then sharpened, ABBA records. His style is similar to Drake’s – carefree, digitally enhanced and occasionally opportunistic – but for the most part he just makes songs that are meant to shake a shoulder and get girls drunk enough to suck throat.

And I’m OK with that.

It took me a long time to stop being a music snob (Hallelujah, I see the light!), and it’s opened me up to mountains of material I’d be hard-pressed to live without. Adams’ debut EP, Boston’s Boy, or even his music in general, might not meet those standards in the long run – let alone the controversy it’s cause on iTunes – but if it is good enough, I might as well start grooming my ears now.

Sam Adams Feat. Curren$y – “Walk With These”

Download — Sam Adams – Boston Boy EP

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