Scotch Now Comes In A Can

01.04.12 6 years ago 16 Comments

Dignity and drinking usually never occur in the same sentence, especially when the goal is to get as shit-faced as possible. Ask any college kid and you’ll find that when it comes to boozing hard it doesn’t matter whether the drinks come from a bottle, can, bucket, keg and/or ice luge- as long as it ensures bad decisions will be made and some form of clothing will be soiled. Thus, behold what could become the partygoer’s newest favorite spirit: scotch in a can. Yes, you read that right – scotch will now come in a can.

Scottish Spirits will start selling the new product stateside soon. The beverage will hold an equivalent of eight 80-proof scotch shots (12 ounces), which for most human beings lends weight to the moniker of “blackout in a can.” Since 4 Lokos lost their appeal after their sugar content was bumped down a notch, the scotch-in-a-can concept could take the title of frat boys’ and your town drunk’s go-to inebriation catalyst. It probably won’t be a hit with the ladies, but give a case to Delta Tau Delta and those boys are going to have one Hell of a pregame before their next formal.

It’s not Drake-fancy, but it’ll get the people going. That’s all that really matters some times anyways.


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