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Myya By Visual Cocktail

Secret Service Closes Case On Ted Nugent’s Remarks [Yahoo]

Where Is Boobie Miles Now? [Grantland]

Da Oral History of “Da Butt” [WCP]

Tumblr Gives In To The Inevitable, Starts Running Ads May 2nd [Uproxx]

Aziz Ansari: Texting With Girls [High Definite]

Is It Better to Work Out in the Morning? [The Daily Details]

Who Really Gives You The Best Value For Your Used Games? [Gamma Squad]

After 16 Minutes Of Freedom, Man Commits Crime Again [Tampa Bay Times]

An Ode to John Tesh’s “Roundball Rock” [TSFJ]

McDonald’s Employee Spit In Customers’ Drinks [News One]

TV’s 20 Greatest Original (Non-Theme) Songs [Warming Glow]

Facebook Helps Man Check In At Local Jail [TLF]

How Newt Gingrich Really Got Bitten by a Penguin [College Humor]

Kelly Brook Has a Tumblr and It’s Glorious [Brobible]

Carnival Is Offering A “Saw”-Themed Cruise For Torture-Porn Masochists [Film Drunk]

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