September 29th, 1998

08.07.08 10 years ago 23 Comments

Colours of a record store by psilocybin

We need a September 29th, 1998.

It was the eve of what would become one of the greater days in Hip-Hop, and music history at large.

Five of the most impacting albums to ever be released that year dropped on the 29th: A Tribe Called Quest split ways on The Love Movement, as Brand Nubian reunited on Foundation, Jay-z got back on his grizzly with Hard Knock Life, while Mos Def and Kweli came together (none) for Blackstar. All the while Outkast prepared to change the world with Aquemini.

There was more than just new music being released, there was history being made by each one of these releases.

It’s hard to describe the insurmountable comfort and pride one can take in knowing that the futur of the music you love is safe. Knowing that tomorrow, Hip-Hop as a culture will have a decade of longevity added to it’s lifespan, that tomorrow stars will be born, and Hip-Hop will make us proud, over and over again. More importantly, knowing that tomorrow, you will be reminded, beyond a shadow of doubt why you love this culture so much.

Fuck rekindling a flame, you would set off an elaborate pyrotechnic show in your soul…with Hip-Hop.

Damn, I miss that feeling.

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