Shaun Boothe – “Unauthorized Biography Of Muhammad Ali”

12.04.08 9 years ago 10 Comments

Everybody’s got their “dog & pony show” these days.

But I actually like these joints from Shaune Booth’s “Bio Series,” mainly because they revolve around a subject of substance. Every time I watch one, I’m immediately thrown back to those old tees & posters where they had with all the different historical figures, the collage of faces ranging from Elijah Muhammad to Rosa Parks (Am I the only one who remembers those?). All the faces were decidedly different but still pertinent to the Black race’s development. Now, those shirts have been replicated & replaced with R.I.P. versions, the faces of musical icons like Left Eye & Big L silkscreened on them.

Yeah, things have changed.

But, the luckily Boothe is keeping things in perspective.

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