Shawn Chrystopher – “One Of My Homies” Music Video

02.21.12 6 years ago 3 Comments

A few weeks ago, Shawn Chrystopher was re-tweeting fans’ comments about his new song, “One Of My Homies.” Although the kudos were obviously bias, a reoccurring theme was that the initial leak from his first album, My Name Is Shawn, was possibly the best release from the Inglewood MC to date.

Even though we’re a few weeks late to the party, we’ve seen the slightly genius video to this equally engaging song and can indeed back up their claims. Standing firmly behind a perfectly-executed conceptual lay-up, Chrystopher narrates his magnified lifestyle by detailing each of the role players from a humbling perspective that lets you know this rising talent takes no one for granted. The visual continues the outside view, by showing Shawn’s Hoo Bangin hood and leaving him out altogether.

If you haven’t checked for Shawn Chyrs yet, this is the type of the song that turns you into a fan.

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