Shawty Lo Feat. Lil Wayne – “WTF” Video

07.31.12 6 years ago 4 Comments

Travel back in time about two and a half years ago. The talk of Hip-Hop then either centered around when Kanye would resurface or Lil’ Wayne’s impending date with destiny. In this case, “destiny” was Rikers Island. Prior to surrendering, Weezy planted himself in a marathon schedule of video shoots and recording sessions. One of those videos to be birthed was his collaboration with Shawty Lo, which some would say was appropriately titled, “WTF.” Why Lo chose to drop the video now is something we’ll never know (or really care to know), but the track was listed on his recently released Million Dollar Man mixtape.

Slightly off topic for a moment, allow me to make this one statement. I could be right. I could be completely off base. But I expect Wayne to pleasantly shock a lot of people when Dedication 4 drops next month. It’s just a hunch. Then again, I had a hunch the Cowboys would beat the Giants on the last week of the season, too. Having said that, click play if you’re interesting to see the end result of a video that was recorded well over 700 days ago.

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