Shawty Lo’s New Reality Show Could Set Guinness World Record For Ignorance

12.28.12 5 years ago 38 Comments

“I’m cool with Oxygen televising the Shawty Lo show as long as they do the responsible thing and run Trojan condom ads throughout.”Maurice Garland

In most cases, rappers transitioning into the reality show world is sort of the equivalent for ball players attempting to become TV analysts. Whether this becomes an actual reality program or not, Shawty Lo’s All My Babies’ Mamas has reached levels of ignorance only reserved for Wal-Mart Christmas shopping. Supposedly, Lo is tossing the premise of the show around and the Oxygen network may very well be making it apart of its programming.

The pilot episode below is 13 minutes long, and 13 minutes of nothing short of unprecedented WTF-ness. For one, Shawty’s got 11 kids by 10 women, thus knocking Antonio Cromartie as the standard bearer of mass-procreation. The entire set up just doesn’t seem real, but then again, that’s not exactly a requirement for reality TV these days.

Lo’s rap career is over and has been for quite sometime, but believe what’s in this clip and he’s apparently not hurting for much money. And his choice in women…you know what, nevermind. That’s somebody’s mother. I guess Shawty Lo wasn’t lying when he boasted he had “dunn dunn it all” though. Anywho, click play, watch for yourself, maybe get a laugh or two and purchase a box of condoms just in case.

Oh, and am I the only once shocked that Shawty and T.I. are neighbors? That’s hilarious and awesome all at once.


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