“Show You How…”

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By the time I posted the CD changer piece, I had already moved on to a more finite problem, one that had already begun to take place in the comments.

Ranking Jay’s discography, The Blueprint 2 is top ranking by my standards (only after barely nipping The Black Album in a close race). The only problem for me is which disc: Disc One or Disc Two?

Initially, I started to run with the first disc because it holds my favorite song off the whole album, “I Did It My Way” (“Hoviiii, bab-byyy…Momma’s youngest and strongest, survived summers like saunas, Mastered the corner like Deion in his uniform”). But then, I’d be left to suffer through such trite offerings as “All Around The World” and “F_ck All Nite.”

If I roll with disc two alone, I get all the bangers. The slept on Heavy D. creation, “Guns & Roses,” which Jay thoroughly slays (The crafty “And who knew dude would play ball for the NBA, Would make a mistake at the Who Knew Estate…” line gets me every time). The amplified “U Don’t Know (Remix).” “Show You How.” But then I’ll have to sit through the borefest that is the lazy-sounding “Ballad Of The Fallen Soldier” and shit like “Nigga Please,” where Jay serves what sounds like a throwaway Pharrell beat & hook assist.

That’s the problem. First & foremost, we all know most double discs are shabby efforts that could’ve been easily consolidated into one. The only two albums where I have this problem are BP2 & Pac’s All Eyez…. Pretty much every other “double-disc” effort* I’ve encountered is weak enough where they can’t even get into this equation (or I forgot’em anyways). All Eyez… is actually easy; disc two all day. Disc one only when I feel like it. Most of the heat there is concentrated to second disc.

With Jay’s joint, it’s spread between the two, making the choice hard when I only got one slot left.

* Biggie? Disc two of L.A.D.

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