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Leading up to the drop of YSL, I’ve been challenging Jonesy to see what he could do over different beats. My motto is “If you a rapper, aggin, rap.” Drop some shit that’ll make me pay attention. Create a few teaser joints over familiar tracks to whet the appetite of listeners who know your skills and maybe grab a few new fans in the process. Since it’s so formula, you already know that you have to do a different song and dance, something stupendous to stand out. To that end, he’s sent me a few “flowmercials.”

Jones dead fresh, you can put me in the casket.”

Time is money, I don’t spend a minute on a cheap moment…”

I was lost but now I’m found, My ego’s on cathedral I can’t even see the ground.”

I love action verbs, grinding is my favorite word…”

You ask ‘Why S.L.?’ Cause I’m fly as hell, so dope even petroleum couldn’t hide that smell.”

I started trying to catch some of the quotables on “Priceless,” but Mavis Beacon I am not. I got tired. Open your ears and do your own listening. Then pay attention next time his name is spoke.


Download — S.L. Jones – “Priceless”

Since you’re here, take this “My Turn” joint too. Fack it.


Download – S.L. Jones – “My Turn”

YSL drops on 1.23. Clear some hard space.

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