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I’m not sure exactly what happened in detail, but one day recently my brain began to accept and appreciate the oddest music. It might have to do with the input of my man Beware on this site or maybe I’m just maturing as a fan of music. Regardless of the reasoning, the broadening of my horizons has had a very positive effect on save/delete ratio upon downloading new music.

The latest artist that has taken my head for a spin is the electronic sounds of Passion Pit. While I was cooking dinner after work, I decided to throw on their EP, Chunk Of Change, to rock fresh instead of re-hashing the same songs I had already listened to all day. While the whole project is pretty dope all the way through, but when I reached the last song entitled “Sleepyhead” it stayed on repeat for a good thirty minutes.

It takes a minute to get used to the lead vocalist’s shrill vocal work, but once you do the music will take you away. Sonically, the landscape is based around a high-pitched sample that sounds like it was hand picked by Kanye circa 2001. The drum pattern it’s set to is steady and simple with a deep kick and a light handclap that the group layer with an onslaught of synths and music box samples that keep the music lively and in your face until the last note carries the song out somberly leaving you yearning to tap the restart button for another few minutes of bliss.

Don’t get me wrong, this music is most definitely not for every soul that stumbles upon it, but it is definitely worth the hard drive space for those with a more eclectic taste in music.

Download — Passion Pit – “Sleepyhead”

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