Smoke DZA – “Green House” Video

11.03.10 7 years ago 8 Comments

Words by C. Paicely

“I might be laughin’ at ya niggas but who’s playin’? ‘Not I,’ said the pothead guy.”

While Cali mourns Prop 19, New York keeps chiefin’ courtesy of a brand new Smoke DZA joint. In the gritty haze of a true smoker’s haven, the man literally blows clouds in the face of anyone who would deny him a toke. Coupled with a newly classic Harold & Kumar George Bush sample, the video effectively takes a distinctly apathetic attitude toward the uptight government and maybe even the short-sighted voters.

Timing is everything, and of course this cut had to drop on Election Day. If Prop 19 went through (like it should’ve), it would have been an “in your face” victory dance for the ages. Instead it serves as a nice “f*ck you” to American political stagnancy. Is this just a paper-licking taste of the underlying messages we’ll see on George Kush Da Button? Or maybe I’m the one trippin’ and the release date on this was coincidental. Right…

Regardless, smokers in Cali can enjoy DZA’s joint while lighting one of their own. Just don’t get busted. That shit is illegal.

Via Smoker’s Club

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