Smoke DZA And Snoop Dogg Talk Street Ethics On Their Collab Track, ‘Morals’

02.06.16 2 years ago
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Words By Marky Mark

Smoke DZA’s got an album dropping in a few weeks. March 4th to be exact. I may need a late pass, but this is news to me and it came as the best type of pleasant surprise I could hope for. On “Morals,” he and Snoop make for a pairing so apt, it makes you wonder why they waited so long to do it. The track finds both emcees getting their “get off my lawn” on as they discuss the morals or lack thereof for the current generation of hustlers and dealers. But not without DZA showing love to the few who still play by the same code that he was raised to follow.

“I’m bout to spinach the kale
Shoutout to my hustlers real ones
Not the n***as that tell
New fellas playing with hammers getting rank on the block
Doing lil skid bids getting spanked up top”

Snoop continues to show there’s not a beat he can’t flow on nor is there a producer he can’t mesh with as he finds a way to make Harry Fraud’s boom-bap his own. And for those who don’t know, Snoop hates snitches. He just thought he’d remind y’all.

He’s also the only feature on the album and for a nine-track joint. But aside from their mutual love for green, why Snoop? “We only wanted one person on this album and that was Snoop because he’s someone both of us grew up listening to heavy,” Harry Fraud said. DZA expands on by saying, “Snoop is one of my favorite artists ever. It was the first cassette tape I ever purchased and I finally got the chance to work with him.”

Produced entirely by Harry Fraud, He Has Risen drops March 4 via Fraud’s Surf School Recordings. Just in time for Easter baskets. Check the tracklist below and order up a copy of the album on iTunes.

smoke dza harry fraud he has risen tracklist

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