Snoop Dogg Says He Won’t Kick Suge Knight While He’s Down

05.20.15 3 years ago 3 Comments

Of all the people on Earth, Snoop Dogg would come across as one of the last to feel bad for Suge Knight, amidst his possible prison sentence. Yet, during a recent sit down with DJ Whoo Kid, the Doggfather spoke in detail about exactly why he has nothing but well wishes for the man who was once his arch-nemesis.

“I don’t ever kick a man, when he’s down. And I always look forward to building a relationship with somebody I had a relationship with. I feel a lot of the times, it just be misunderstandings. People between the entourages, as opposed to the two people really hating each other.

I never hated him and he never really hated me. How could you hate me, when I made you a $100 million dollars? And how can I hate you, when you helped me put together a team to beat my murder case?

From the outside looking in, there’s no arguing Snoop’s logic and you’ve got to respect his grown man stance. After all, he’s holding down the same guy who publicly mocked him for years, hired a lookalike replacement to diss him and flat out threatened his life – let alone, the same guy who recently ran over someone.

Yes, the former boss and his employee squashed their beef a while ago but Snoop might just be a saint because Suge still feels like the Devil to me.

(Via Whoo Kid)

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