Snoop Dogg Is Hyping Up A Tour With Dr. Dre, Eminem And Kendrick Lamar…And We’re Already Amped

02.19.16 2 years ago 9 Comments
Dr. Dre Snoop Dogg

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Anyone old enough to remember the infamous Up In Smoke tour from 2000 knows what type of fireworks pop off when Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Eminem perform together. Every crowd knows every word to every song, and the party lasts until the lowrider batteries fizzle out. Well, guess what? There’s a good chance we might finally see the encore.

Recently on DJ Whoo Kid’s The Whoolywood Shuffle radio show, Snoop D-O-Double G dropped some bombs by saying he was angling hard to get Dre, Em and…wait for it…Kendrick Lamar to combine their forces for another superstar-heavy US tour, possibly coming this summer.

After Whoo Kid somewhat lets the cat out of the bag, Tha Doggfather basically confirms the rumor, saying “We’re trying to get it together. Dre said he want it to be myself, him, Kendrick, Eminem. It’s a wishlist that can possibly become a reality, if all parties agree. I’d love to make it happen. I love everybody involved and I ain’t trying to get all the money. I just want what I’m worth and I’m gonna’ do what I do.”

Hopefully, all parties can divvy up the checks appropriately and make this happen. Something tells me that if Dre is the one that’s most amped to tour with everyone, everything else will fall into place. Let’s hope so, because if they can put together a production even half as dope as Up In Smoke, those lucky enough to get tickets will be in for a treat.

Check out the full audio clip from Snoop Dogg, which also features Jay Pharaoh helping out with the Q&A.

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