Snoop Lion Ft. Drake & Cori B – “No Guns Allowed”

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
03.20.13 12 Comments

I’m slowly coming to terms with this whole Snoop Lion thing. I’ll type the words “Snoop Lion” but I’ll always call him Snoop Doggy Dogg, much like MWP is still Ron Artest to me. But this whole change of image, whatever the impetus, is more positive than anything else he’s done for the sake of entertainment. We have a guy going from hardened Crip to accused murderer then pimpin’. And now, he’s sticking with the one thing he’s always done throughout – smoke a lot of weed.

On “No Guns Allowed,” The Artist Formerly Known As Dogg calls on his daughter, Cori B, and Drizzy to raise their voices against violence. We beg our artists to grow and age gracefully, but bemoan them when they hit a misstep. Instead of doing that here, I’m going to give the reggae-themed number an E for effort. Snoop D-O-double-G’s Lion’s evolving as an entertainer and person, which is nothing more than I’d ask of any man.

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