Here Comes The Pain: Watch The ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 6 Trailer

08.08.13 5 years ago 11 Comments


Words by Alec Bojalad

After two let’s say “avante-garde-punch-throwing-wall-exploding” teasers, Sons of Anarchy has released season six’s first full trailer, and yes, there is still plenty of punch throwing.

It looks like family and broken homes are going to be the lay of the land this season, with SAMCRO prez Jax (Charlie Hunnam, fresh off beating kaijus to a pulp in Pacific Rim) and his mother Gemma trying to take care of his curiously –named son Abel while Abel’s mom Tara and creepy Great Uncle Claudius Clay. Fortunately, the child actor playing Abel is old enough to ask where his mommy is which also unfortunately means he’s old enough to start annoying the audience.

Meanwhile, it seems as though SAMCRO is as broken up as the Teller family. “My club has been cut in half,” Jax narrates as Chibs punches fellow son in anarchy Juice and Bobby leads a pack of Jax-less riders down the highway. Six seasons in and very close to the end of the series, it’s about time Kurt Sutter and co. have an “everything falls apart” season of Sons – though it could be argued that every season of the show could have been subtitled “everything falls apart.”

Season six debuts September 10 at 10 p.m. and Sutter has teased both a major character death and a shocking, controversial event three years in the making. Just don’t find a way to kill Opie again, Sutter, you monster.

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