Sound Breakdown: Craig B’s “Hot Boys and Girls”

05.20.14 4 years ago 3 Comments


When you picked up MP da Last Don in 1998, you were immediately captivated that it was a double disc/cassette. As such, there was lot of content and true gems could easily get looked over. For its time, the production and engineering on this album was stellar, and marked the optimal period for No Limit as far as album quality, majorly due to Beats By The Pound.

The label’s in-house production team had a strong work ethic that helped satisfy P’s hunger and kept No Limit near the cream of the cop for a consistent number of years.We’ve looked over another Beats By The Pound producer in the past, but on Da Last Don, Craig B’s track “Hot Boys and Girls” deserves some Breakdown service.

It was kind of hard to really feel the beat at first, though, because P and his starting five were all flowing, with their “I’m the ___” game. Most people point out the farting car horn at the beginning of every bar. Listen again. The detail and depth in this beat is pretty hefty. Considering a lot of boom boom pap was what got the crowds moving, Craig B created something special.

The eerie Addams’Family organ loop and synth echo made for the dark tone. There’s a soft cymbal ride on the back-end of every bar. Why do that? That bounce, that’s why! And there’s no snare. Just panning rimshots which makes for a sick element to an already nice beat. Compared to a lot of Master P songs, “Hot Boys And Girls” didn’t have that bass. But as said before, the flows were conceptual and stood strong on their own. And as a complete song, this is definitely a slept on gem in the huge No Limit catalog.

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