This ’30 For 30: The Space Jam Game’ Parody Will Make You Wish It Was Real

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11.11.13 35 Comments

space jam jump ball

Here at TSS, we LOVE Space Jam. I mean, who doesn’t? We get the greatest basketball player of all time, saving the world, with Bugs Bunny and Billy Murray (rocking a pair of vintage Chicago II’s) by winning a basketball game against aliens with a buzzer beater, no less.

Well, the folks at Yahoo! expressed their adoration, too. Some creative soul figured it would innovative to give us this – a short 30 For 30 parody, “The Space Jam Game.” The video features a wide range of names from Doug Gottlieb to Daffy Duck discussing the game in true 30 For 30 fashion.

And really, who would be mad if this was extended to half hour and had Michael, Larry, Newman and a host of other characters, in character, digging into the big Earth-saving-Monstar-freeing-game? Yep, me neither.

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