Spree Wilson – “Right One|Wrong Time.”

10.02.12 5 years ago 5 Comments

Before offering personal insight, let’s allow Spree the opportunity to speak on the inspiration behind his new record “Right One|Wrong Time.”

Life in Technicolor is a themed EP, produced by The Flush (Jeron Ward, Go Dreamer & Rick Wallk) and inspired by Summer, love and 90’s Atlanta Bass music. The reason we started working on this project was because i essentially became bored with music and wanted to do something fresh and exciting to me. So i called up Jeron and discussed with him the idea of doing modern day Atlanta Bass Music. We knew wanted to make a fun project that was influenced by being young in the summer and falling in love. A lot of these ideas stem from my childhood and spending my summers in Atlanta with my grandmother, and the soundtrack to my summer months at the time was the 90’s Atlanta bass music.”

Ok, with that out the way, here’s my take. This thing jams. Recreating the ’90s bass music influence from Atlanta was a brilliant idea, albeit not exactly an easy task to accomplish. Spree and The Flush capture the sound admirably and I lightweight wish they would have released during the summer. That noted, there’s no time like the present and “Right One…” could thrive well given the opportunity to gain spins in the right setting. Anywho, I’ve suddenly developed the urge to here Ghost Town DJ’s “My Boo.”

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