Stalley – “Live At Blossom” Video

06.08.12 6 years ago 3 Comments

There has to be a certain amount of correlation between the tale of Midas and a successful rapper. Almost immediately, everything one touches turns to gold, whether it be hit singles, fashionable duds or teeth. But what happens when that ability turns hollow? MMG’s resident philosopher Stalley makes this theme salient in his Brian Schlam-directed video for “Live At Blossom,” commanding an all-gold-everything aesthetic that highlights the depravity in his spoken word musings. It’s a fitting clip for the self-introspection the Massillon, Ohio, MC displayed throughout his Hunter S. trip through beats and rhymes, Savage Journey to the American Dream.

Like his recent mixtape title suggests, life’s a savage journey–Hellish and rough. If you haven’t glimpsed into Stalley’s trip, click the link and download Savage Journey here.

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