Stalley Shares New Track, “Everything New,” And “Savage Journey” Cover Art

03.09.12 6 years ago 15 Comments

Stalley’s Savage Journey To The American Dream begins now with the first official leak, “Everything New,” produced by Chad Hugo of The Neptunes. Stalley recently hit his goal of 50,000 Twitter followers and, as promised, the engine of his Caprice Classic has begun revving. The other day, the Massillon emcee also unveiled the mixtape’s gnarly cover designed by Patrick Martinez, which is definitely a piece of art worth philosophizing over.

Stalley’s odyssey this time will be significantly different than what he experienced with Lincoln Way Nights. In 2011, he caught everyone by surprise with an almost perfect masterpiece, but fast-forward one year and now there are many more judgmental eyes fixed on him, expecting a repeat, or maybe even more. It’s one thing to come out of nowhere, but now, with Savage Journey to the American Dream, the young artist is shouldering the burden of performing in the spotlight. If “Everything New” is any indication, Stalley is ready for that challenge.

“Everything New” is a definite sign of musical growth as the Bearded Wonder – undoubtedly one of the best lyricists out these days – again demonstrates that he’s more than clever words and happy thoughts. His words ping pong off the bass slaps and a new layer of playfulness is added to his vocal inflection. Like a ball player that’s spent his offseason tossing up jumpers in the gym, Stalley has come back with new weapons in his arsenal. The full array of his arsenal will be unveiled on March 30. And no, we can’t wait.

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