Video: Stephen Colbert x Cane-Fu

06.30.09 9 years ago 6 Comments

Ever since he destroyed the Bush Administration at the correspondent’s dinner, Stephen Colbert has proven himself to be more than just a spinoff success. He is a comedic genius in his own right. Not only does he have oversized stainless steel spheres for balls, but his ability to spin satirical yarn is almost unparalleled.

That being said, I’m glad he tackled this whole Cane-Fu nonsense. I strongly advocate against octogenarians (and older) being armed in public. There’s an embarrassing story involving an elderly Japanese woman, myself, and a pack of Twizzlers. I’m sad to say that I have considered shoving a 4’11” senior citizen before. Not only for swinging her purse(which must have been full of bricks) at my head while I was paying for my candy, but for the injustices committed against my sneakers and ankles by her crutches in the process.

Wherever you are little, scary, violent woman, I’ll get you back.

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