NYC Subway Rider Goes Gorillas To “N*ggas In Paris,” Kanye Approves

12.22.11 6 years ago 40 Comments

Recently, a completely carefree NYC resident had his hater-blockers on and decided to break out in full spazz-mode to recite The Throne’s world-conquering single “Niggas In Paris” in its entirety while everyone else was enjoying a pleasant subway ride. There isn’t much to say about the actual video, other than I was wiping tears away while watching.

Subsequently, Kanye himself happened to see this before most folks and tweeted it, which is why the YouTube plays on this voyeur gut-buster have increased by over a quarter-million views since I first watched last night. Considering homeboy is practically possessed, can you imagine what he did upon finding out his idol gave the stamp of approval? My guess is that something along these lines probably went down.

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