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“..It’s a suicide”

Remember when things used to happen for a reason?

Now, I know The Game has an album to promote in a dying industry and would feed off fumes to fuel a beef with Mr. Carter. I am also aware that he also has crews that he’s trying to put on and a supposed retirement that he seems to realize will be a mistake. Even then, this seems like a desperately stretched reach.

“I can be a fan of Jay and still rip him limb from limb and still be a fan. After I finish him off, I’m still going to listen to Reasonable Doubt afterwards… I’m going to make him mad enough to where he has to say something.”

If you have not heard the interview, it is advisable to peep it and see how much dung the kid flings at Mr. Hova. He also apologizes strategically and sneaks in sly complimentary remarks between threats on his girl and his grandmother.

All because some anonymous person alleges that they somehow approached Mr. Carter, something most journalists will attest is just as easy as breaking into Fort Knox in broad daylight using nothing more than a spoon and a grain of salt.

Mr. Anonymous then somehow spoke to Shawn, who is known for not being talkative. Anon further states that Jay (who won’t even speak on beefs he is having) decided to release an acidic statement about a beef he is not having…at Wimbledon.


I did not know grapevines got that long and twisty. What happened to Game proclaiming he had no beef with Jay on his first album? Does this mean that if Jay-z stays silent, Jayceon’s going to backpedal on that Eminem statement (again), and wage war on Mr. Mathers as well?

I guess suicide is one of the many ways to go out with a bang.

The Game, L.A.X in stores August 26th. (*cough* )

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