Suzi Analouge – (R)ose (A)lways (W)ins EP

05.20.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

Maybe it’s the (mixtape) Gucci Mane fan in me, but seeing Suzi Analouge’s name, the hook from “I Think I Love Her” immediately popped into my head. Upon giving her (R)ose (A)lways (W)ins EP a fair shake, she and La Flare are polar opposites when it comes to musical approaches; and that’s perfectly acceptable. Imagine my surprise when I found out Suzi Analouge was actually the homie from my high school and early college days. Now 24 and fully immersed in the Philly music scene and lifestyle (amongst other places), she’s not exactly a clone of Beanie Sigel or Meek Mill, rather her intricate approach to birthing her own brand of Hip-Hop is apparent from the moment the first synth reaches the eardrums.

Below is an underhanded softball pitch of sorts for any MC’s or singers attempting to find new inspiration. If carbon-copy Lex Luger or Mike Will beats (both very dope producers in their own right) are what you’re looking for, try the next door on the left and tell ’em Justin sent you. Suzi’s six track offering is from the mind of young woman attempting to merge her talent, youthful exuberance and creative awakening (“Hi School” FTW). Feel free to forward the stream to your musically gifted friends or let it ride out quietly while at your desk. Either way, it’s a free listen.


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