Sweet, Organic, Maple Bacon Pops!!!

03.31.09 9 years ago 14 Comments

Cleaning out our spam filter can be a full-time job in itself (word to you select few who’ve been coerced by Lulu to visit C E L E B M I N G L E to finally meet your soulmate). But when thee Reverend Tex B. Acon approved of my four month old post dedicated to a few Wendy’s™ 99¢ value menu rappers, flat out hilarity ensued.

Ladies & Gents, allow me to introduce to you…


You think they just throw a pig in the freezer, dry it and put it on a stick? Not the Lolliphile® Co. No, Baconpops is handmade with Vermont maple and honest to goodness real, ORGANIC THICK CUT HEARTY BACON.

Yep, who needs fancy ingredients like sugar or corn syrup to enjoy a treat? Baconpops’ uncultivated byproduct lets you retain all the sodium the meat has to offer (Pause).

And since I know your mouths are watering, daydreaming about that savory swine sucker, let’s talk pricing.

$70.00 for 60 Baconpops shipped.
$130.00 shipped for 100 Baconpops shipped.

But what if that isn’t enough TC?

Pffffffffft. 100 Pops? Of course it’s not enough. That’s why they have this special number for large quantities.

(510) 621-8184

Get it? Got it? Good.

Go out and tell a friend how Baconpops have touched your mind, body and cholesterol levels.

Baconpops Official Site

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