Taco Bell Will Now Offer Menu Items With Even More Meat

06.23.13 5 years ago 13 Comments

Photo: Erik Marcus

Fans of Taco Bell’s meat will send praise to their magnanimous deity upon hearing of the fast food chain’s decision that it will begin offering new menu options with more–yes, more–meat.

Taco Bell CEO Greg Creed announced yesterday that the Tex-Mex joint will create a “Power Protein” menu that allows customers to choose food options with double the amount of chicken or steak. The menu will be tested at restaurant locations around Dayton, Ohio, for five to six weeks before Taco Bell makes a decision about adding it to its 2014 menu. Creed reportedly got the idea after seeing a proliferation of protein bars and shakes available.

Anyways, what’s so special about Taco Bell slopping more mystery meat into tortillas? Well Creed’s goal is to develop a health-conscious option (all burritos and bowls will have more than 20 grams of fat protein but less than 450 calories) that not only appeals to women but also young guys–Taco Bell’s core buyers. Also, it’s probably a way to combat other Mexican-fusion fast food chains like Chipotle, which already offer customers the option of more meat with fresher ingredients like corn, guacamole and reduced-fat sour cream.

There’s no word yet on whether the meat will be of a higher grade. Customers can expect the items to cost anywhere between $3.59 and $5.19 when (if?) they debut next year.

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