Tarantino & The RZA Connect: Wu-Tang Leader Joins “Django Unchained” Cast

11.07.11 6 years ago 7 Comments

Securing the likes of Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCapprio and Samuel L. Jackson to star in Django Unchained ensured that Quentin Tarantino would have another commercial success on his hands. And now, because we all need more Wu-Tang Clan in our lives, the famous director is calling on the RZA to round out the film’s cast. I’m a pretty big Wu-Tang fan, but bias aside, the Clan’s commanding general has proven his acting ability time and again by stealing scenes in movies like American Gangster and Funny People. The Rzarector seems like a natural fit for a Tarantino flick, even if the Southern slave he plays is liable to speak his lines with the same peanut butter-thick Brooklyn accent that the he’s known to have.

Also, Kerry Washington’s also set to play Foxx’s kidnapped wife. Slight irrelevant but still interesting since she played Foxx’s wife in 2004’s Ray and she’s insanely hot.

In a totally unrelated but awesome aside, catch The RZA performing martial arts in the trailer for Wu-Tang Vs. Golden Phoenix because producing and starring in grindhouse Kung-Fu movies would be what people like the RZA do when they make it.

[The Urban Daily]

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