TeeFLii’s “24 Hours” Has A Very Short Expiration Date

05.29.14 4 years ago 13 Comments

teeflii-24-hours video

TeeFLii’s the next of DJ Mustard’s collaborators ready to make a run for fame. While he’s prepping his debut album, Starr, Tee’s pushing out the video for “24 Hours” as the project’s first single. As the featured guest, 2 Chainz comes in with his familiar sense of humor (“Towel on the floor, looking through the peep hole, I ask them who is it, they say room service, Give me one minute, she gettin’ her womb service”) and Mustard’s standard production services. The problem with the song may lie with Tee himself.

Besides having what sounds like an average voice, the crass lyrics and bland chorus don’t do anything that make the song worth repeating. There’s no real draw here as it’s just another song in a sea of songs dedicated to pulling the panties to the side in order to beat the punanny up. This is that variant R&B that ForteBowie spoke of.* The lyrics are better fit for a rap track than song to be sung.

Then again, maybe the low hanging fruit – in this case, club or radio airplay – is all TeeFlii’s shooting for with “24 Hours.” If so, he should have no problems making his goal but that kind of success doesn’t sustain itself much longer than a day either.

* — Then too, a lot of these newer R&B singers are the children and grandchildren of Jodeci, H-Town and R. Kelly. Songs like “Knockin’ The Boots” and “Sex In The Kitchen” weren’t any less filthy in the big scheme of things and both songs still randomly pop up on radio. So, who am I to forecast the future of any song.

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