Tegan & Sara – “Alligator” (88-Keys See Y’Later Remix)

05.25.10 8 years ago 7 Comments

While Hip-Hop is still on a brief hiatus for me, it’s given me time to sort through several folders worth of mp3s of music from the past couple of weeks (okay, months), including those from other genres. This 88-Keys creation for Tegan & Sara’s wildly popular “Alligator” happens to be one of my favorites. Just don’t ask me how I know about the track’s popularity.

“Here’s a remix I submitted to Tegan & Sara for their 2nd single “Alligator” from their Sainthood album. I played this for a few people & they all seemed to have dug it; many thought I should have added a 2nd verse to this. I didn’t want to impose since they weren’t expecting any verse (or remix for that matter) from me. Also, I didn’t bother to ‘clean up’ my verse when I found out this wasn’t going down as I expected. Unfortunately this was left on the cutting room floor so… Here you go. Enjoy!”

I wouldn’t sweat it 88. Even if it didn’t make the cut for Tegan & Sara, it did make my ever-growing “Not Rap” playlist.

Alligator (88-Keys See Y’Later Remix) by 88-Keys

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