Terrace Martin Feat. Kenneth Crouch – “All This Love” Video

04.08.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

The saying goes “spread love, not war” but ‘ol Terrace Marty Mar is taking it to the next level, advocating all the ladies get naked with their socks on. The SEX EP is a nooner; a blatant directive to consummate your relationship with your body’s seventh sense. Hip-Hop is known to document its activity between the sheets and Terrace Martin isn’t sacrificing any bit of the sexual machismo by blending his sensual touch of jazz in the mix. It’s the biz-est of both worlds, my dear.

Download The SEX EP and catch the drift and possibly a climax. That’s what Devi Dev ultimately wants the fans to accomplish. Spread love, lust and lubrication. What’s war?

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