The 5 Most Interesting People From The “American Juggalo” Documentary

09.22.12 5 years ago 17 Comments

“There is no bigatory in Juggaloism”

Juggalos get a bad rep. However, it took watching Sean Dunne’s captivating 20-minute documentary American Juggalo to help me realize this. Shot in August 2011 at the annual Gathering Of The Jugglos, the New York-based director used short interviews with various festival goers to capture the family-oriented nature of the Faygo-drinking Insane Clown Posse followers. To applaud their extreme fandom and help show they only mean well, here are five people that will make you laugh, cry and feel bad you looked sideways at someone for having their face painted – or anyone, for that matter.

1. 5:11 – This robust gentleman starts off his two minutes of fame by discovering that Raid will remove vomit stains. He’s also cooks some mean sausage gravy and is “one of the nicest motherf*ckers you’ll ever meet.”

2. 16:55 – Straight-edge as your preacher, this guy has a college degree and doesn’t do a single drug. The friends he came to the Gathering with are equally square and managers at their respective day jobs.

3. 12:28 – Hailing from Oklahoma, this genuine older fellow is currently on dialysis and living life to the fullest with his best friends at the festival, while his name sadly collects dust on a kidney transplant list.

4. 9:24 – After doing “1000 whip-its,” it shouldn’t surprise you this easy-going Juggalo and his two friends have happily walked out on jobs to attend the Gathering. Yet, they wear these reckless thoughts of abandon with a sense of pride that’s hard to critique.

5. 17:48 – Young, unbuttoned and eager, this kid sounds intellectual and talks about once meeting a brain surgeon at the Illinois-based festival – who just happened to be tripping on acid. He says “being a Juggalo doesn’t mean you’re not fit for society” and plans on being a doctor.

To see these folks and learn more about the open-minded perspective that bonds this melting pot of people together as Juggalos, watch the entire documentary directly below.

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