The Black Lips Feat. GZA – “The Drop I Hold”

04.30.09 9 years ago 12 Comments

Yesterday this GZA/Black Lips collabo track hit the inbox then Spinner threw it up along with a quote from one of the Lips’.

“It’s a bad idea,” the Lips’ Jared Swilley tells Spinner of rap/rock combos. “It’s led to some of the worst music of all-time. It can be done tastefully, but there is a very fine line to be tread.”

Note to Jared: Take heed to your own words.

Maybe this was better when the song was performed live on a soundstage @ SXSW and the crowd was under the influence of liquor and the mob mentality. But it doesn’t sound inviting at all to me, with it being so downtempo that almost sounds Screwed. GZA is seems itchin’ to let go lyrically but the slow strumming of the beat is an anchor to his flow.

Meh, maybe it’s just me.

You can listen & decide for yourself.


Download — The Black Lips Feat. GZA – “The Drop I Hold”

And for the record, Anthrax & PE did nothing but increase my appreciation for both bands when they did “Bring The Noise” way back when. Therefore, Rap & Rock can be tastefully done.

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